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Yokohama Konan International Lounge

Yokohama Konan International Lounge, entrusted by Yokohama Konan Ward Office, is operated by “NPO Corporation Yokohama Konan International Exchange Association.” It is a facility operated by the local volunteers and a place where everyone can take part in the international exchange activities.  

People who already joined the international exchange volunteer activities and who will start to join us, please come to the lounge and expand the international exchange network together. 

Our activities include providing useful information and consultation to help foreigners, holding events to promote the understanding and deepen the friendship between the local people and foreigners, offering Japanese language lessons for foreigners and etc.

Welcome to Konan Ward!



This leaflet is available at the Ward Office.



Konan Lounge News

Konan Lounge News/PDF

Konan Lounge News is available at the Ward Office, District Center, Konan Sports Center, Yokohama Municipal Subway Kamioooka Station and etc. 


Konan-Ku Infants Medical Check-up Schedule
Venue: Konan-Ku Public Health & Welfare Center(Ward Office 4F) Tel: 847-8410

We are native speakers.

Consultations in English is now available by phone or online until March 7.

(We speak the foreign language as our mother tongue.)
If you have any difficulty in your daily life, native speakers can give you advice on it.  
Please call us before you come to the lounge.  

Interpretation and translation service is available, too.  
Do not hesitate to call us when you are in trouble. 

                         TEL 045-848-0990   

Foreigner Staff Work Date and Time and a ringside to temporary changes

Language Date Time
Spanish  1st & 3rd Monday   12:30 - 16:30
Thai  2nd & 4th Monday

  10 : 00 - 14: 00

Chinese  Every Tuesday     9:30 - 13:30
English  1st Wednesday     9:30 - 13:30

 2nd &4th


    14:00 - 18:00

Korean  2nd & 4th Friday     9:00 - 13:00
Russian    1st & 3rd Friday

    9:30 - 13:30


We have English speaking staffs on every working day. Feel free to contact us!

Event Information

●You can get the PDF leaflet from the Event Information on the top-page. 
And if you come to the lounge, the leaflet in different foreign languages is available. 

Support for Foreigners

Japanese Classes

  Japanese Language Classes

 JapJapanese language classes are for the foreigners who are beginners to study Japanese language.  There is also a class for foreigners who want to improve their spoken Japanese. 

           Monday Class   PM

 Tuesday Class       AM/PM

            Friday Class         AM/PM

           Saturday Class     AM

※ Students are accepted in every April, September and January.



Babies and mothers from different countries, gather here please!

 Let’s sing, play and have a good time together!!

Nursery, nurse and dietitian staffs are ready for any consultation.


Computer Course for Foreigners


    There are classes for foreigners who can read Katakana Hiragana. The courses include Basic Computer Operation, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, internet, digital cameraanimation edition and etc. 


※Each course is held three times a year, and starts in January, May and September.  Each course has 6 lessons and limits to the first 10 applicants. 

 English   中 文   한 글  Tagalog  Español   ภาษาไท   pусский  (2021.7.1sg)

 Children Study Classはっぱ

It is a study class for the elementary middle school students whose mother languages are not Japanese.  

Students can study Japanese and different subjects here.

Date & Time: Every 1st, 3rd and 4th Saturday, 13001410

Bogo Cafe

Bogo (Mother tounge)cafe.

It is a cafe where you can enjoy chatting with people from all over the world, for foreigners who can’t speak Japanese and for Japanese who can’t speak any foreign languages as well.

You can enjoy not only chatting, but also world singing and dancing.

No need for reservation. We are looking forward to meeting you here.

Access to the Lounge

(1) From the station

Yumeooka Office Tower is connected with the Kamiooka Station of the Keikyu Line and the Yokohama Municipal Subway. 
Yokohama Konan International Lounge lies on the 13th floor in the Yumeooka Office Tower. Please take the innermost Elevator A at the entrance on the second floor to come to the lounge.


(2)Guide with photos to come to Yokohama Konan International Lounge.

    From the platform of Keikyu Line.

    From the entrance on the first floor of Yumeooka Office Tower.

    From the Yokohama Municipal Subway.


13F, Yumeooka Office Tower, Kamiooka Nishi 1-6-1, Konan Ward, Yokohama
045-848-0990, Fax045(848)3669



 (4) Open time

 9:00 am. – 8:00 pm. MondaySaturday
 9:00 am. – 5:00 pm. Sunday and Holidays


 (5) Close day

     Every 3rd Wednesday
     Year end(Dec.29th-Dec.31st) Year start(Jan.1st-Jan.3rd)


Medical Questionnaire http://www.kifjp.org/

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