Event Information

 12/6 Handicraft Lesson: Hawaiian Ribbon Lei    

          Instructor: Ms Murakami Mikiko (Belong to Zushi Ribbon Lei Class)

 ★Use Hawaiian Ribbon to make a big and a small hand-phone and name card straps.

  Date & Time: 6th Dec 2012 (Thu) 13:30 ~15:30       

  Venue: Yumeoooka Office Tower 13 floor, classroom

  Application: 11th Nov (Sun) onwards, LOUNGE/TEL     

  Fee:\700 (Material Cost) Pay on actual day

  Things to bring: Scissors                          Limit to: First 30 applicants

  Sponsor: Yokohama Konan International Lounge 045-848-0990 (2012.10.26) 

1/25 International Exchange Cooking Class  –  Nescafe Coffee Lesson   

Enjoy & discover how to make a nice cup of coffee by just using instant coffee powder!  

 Date & Time: 25th Jan (Friday), 14:00 - 16:00  

 Venue: Yumeoooka Office Tower 10 Floor Cooking Room

 Application Date: 11th Dec (Tue) onwards,   Lounge Front Desk or Tel

 Fee: \500 (Pay upon application, no refund but a representative is accepted)

 Limit To: First 35 applicants   Things to bring: Apron and Towel

 Sponsor: Yokohama Konan International Lounge 

      Co-operation: Nestle Japan  Ltd  Tel: 045(848)0990  (2012.10.27)

1/20. Free Consultation With Public Notary For Foreigner  

                        Public Notary: Mr Mizusaki Akihiko•Ms Murata Kei 

✿Accept individual consultation (by appointment). We also accept walk-in on the actual day, but we would appreciate your understanding if we are not able to accept you due to time restriction.

✿In the case of more applicants. Please write down your questions on a piece of paper, sealed it in an envelope and pass to the administration staff. 

 Date & Time: 20th Jan 2013 (Sun) 14:00-16:00

 Venue:Konan International Lounge, Seminar RoomLimit To: First 20 applicants    

 Application : 11th December 2012 (Tue) onwards Registration:  At the Lounge

•Telephone•Fax   ☎045-848-0990 FAX:045-848-3669      (2012.11.18)


Hanging Mini-Fan

Date & Time:9th May 2014 (Friday)13:30~15:30 

Venue :Yumeooka Office Tower 13 Floor Lounge Classroom

Application :11th April (Fri) onwards.

Apply at the Lounge or Telephone

Join Fee :\1,000(Include Material Cost)Pay on the actual day.

Things to Bring:Scissors and hand towel

Vacancy :First 30 Applicants

International Exchange Through Cooking~ Mdm Helen’s Taiwan Food

★Menu: Robapun (Braise Pork with rice), Crab & Tofu Soup and Cold Green Bean & Wheat Dessert-Beauty Effect Dessert)★

Date & Time: 19th Apr (Sat) 10:00~14:00 Venue: Yumeooka Office Tower 10 Floor Cooking Studio

Application: 11th Mar (Tue) onwards/Lounge Front Desk Fee: \1.300 (Pay upon application. No Refund/Representative is allow)

Vacancy: First 30 Applicants Things To Bring: Apron & Dish Towel

Sponsor: Yokohama Konan International Lounge TEL: 045-848-0990