Consultation for foreigners

Please notice that consultation by foreign languages(except Spanish) is available by phone or on-line until Aug. 22 due to  announcement of Priority measures such as prevention of spread of COVID-19 by government.                                   (2021.7.8 sg)

  ※Notice of  foreigners  shift change

Since January 2016 the working hours of the Russian staff from the second and

third Friday 9:30 to 13:30 will change.

There are foreigners staff

If it is difficult to understand the contents of the notice from the schools and district office, please come to the consultation. We describe in Japanese easy to understand

Foreigners (nationals)staff consultation

When there is that you have trouble with everyday life, native speakers have consulted. Please call before coming.  Tel:045-848-0990  (2021.4.3. hs)

Language Day of the week Reception time


Spanish  1st&3rd Monday

  12:30 -16:30

第1・3月曜日(げつようび) スペイン語
Thai  2nd&4th Monday

  10:00 -14:00

第2・4月曜日(げつようび)  タ イ  語
Chinese  Tuesday

  9:30 -13:30

毎週火曜日(かようび)   中 国 語
English  1st Wednesday

  9:30 -13:30

第1水曜日(すいようび)  英   語

2nd&4th Saturday

  14:00 -18:00



 2nd&4th Friday

  9:00 -13:00

第2・4金曜日(きんようび)  ハングル

 1st&3rd Friday

  10:00 -14:00

第1・3金曜日(きんようび)  ロシア

We have English speaking staffs on every working day. Do not hesitate to contact us!   






いつでも、にほんじんスタッフが わかりやすい にほんごで せつめいします。



日本語 休日 変更
にほんご にち げつ すい もく きん やすみ へんこう
English Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Holiday Change
中文  星期天 星期一 星期二 星期三 星期四 星期五 星期六 节日 变化
한글 휴일 변경
Tagalog Linggo Lunes Martes Sabado Huwebes Biyernes Sabado Holiday Baguhin
Español Domingo Lunes Martes Miércoles Jueves Viernes Sábado Vacaciones Cambio
Portugues Dom Seg Ter Qua Qui Sex Sáb Holiday mudança
Русский воскресенье



вторник месяца четверг пятница суббота праздник изменение

There is no date and time of change